Advocacy. Awareness. Access.

Volume 4, Issue 5 - This issue reports the launch of CalHEP's redesigned website and features stories on the “Legislative Brainstorm” session with Fiona Ma; H.R. 3974, the Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control Act; and HCAPs request for Hepatitis funding in Obama’s FY2011 budget. There is an article on CalHEP's Fall Membership Meeting/Hepatitis C Summit in Los Angeles and a Spotlight on the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center. The World Hepatitis Day theme “This is hepatitis…” was announced for 2010 and 2011, which aims to tell the human story of viral hepatitis and raise awareness of hepatitis B and C around the world.

Volume 4, Issue 4 - This issue featured reports on CalHEP’s efforts to keep Senate Bill 1159 from sunsetting at the end of 2010 and urging Congress to support $20 million for viral hepatitis prevention; Liver Awareness Month; new recommendations for children with hepatitis B; the CAADAC Conference Oct. 1-4; a liver transplant recipient’s journey to overcome barriers to access; announcement of the CalHEP fall meeting on Nov.19; and spotlight on new member Santa Cruz AIDS Project.

Volume 4, Issue 3 - This issue reports on a campaign CalHEP joined urging Congress to pass the “Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act”; publication of Understanding HCV: A Patient Pocket Guide; CalHEP member, Stanford University’s Asian Liver Center; and a meeting to coordinate a national response to chronic viral hepatitis.

Volume 4, Issue 2 - This issue reported on advocacy efforts; new educational materials; an action alert on health care reform, CalHEP member, Los Angeles County Department of Health; and the CalHEP Spring Meeting on June 10.

Volume 4, Issue 1 - This issue reports on World Hepatitis Day; Gov. Schwarzenegger’s appointment of Chris Lawford, CalHEP’s honorary steering committee chair, to California’s Public Health Advisory Committee.