Advocacy. Awareness. Access.

Volume 5, Issue 7 - This issue includes information on the CalHEP survey, Pegasys Assistance Program, Federal & state advocacy updates, spotlights on two CalHEP members (Southeast Asian Assistance Center & Mendocino County AVHN), reports on APHA & the LA Hepatitis Conference, and new CME opportunities.

Volume 5, Issue 6 - This issue provides an update on current state and federal hepatitis legislative efforts, provides a recap of meetings with the Medical Board of California and Genentech, profiles CalHEP member Sami Rhodes, and shares the latest news and events.

Volume 5, Issue 5 - This issue recaps World Hepatitis Day activities, provides an update on current state legislative efforts, highlights the San Francisco Hep B Free campaign, discusses proposed MediCal Cuts to methadone treatment and gives information on an upcoming harm reduction training series.

Volume 5, Issue 3 - This issue reports on state and federal legislative activity related to Hepatitis, announces free vaccines provided to US adults, highlights funding for Hepatitis C treatment expansion initiatives, shares results from a study on the resilience of the Hepatitis C virus in certain types of syringes and highlights a number of upcoming events, several related to Viral Hepatitis Awareness Day on May 19th.

Volume 5, Issue 2 - This issue reports 2010 as the Banner Year for Viral Hepatitis Prevention, announces May 19 as Viral Hepatitis Awareness Day and reviews the CalHEP webinar: California's Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Hepatitis B and C. The spotlight is the Liver Cancer Free initiative.

Volume 5, Issue 1 - This issue reports the publication of the California Department of Public Health's California Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Plan, 2010-2014 and the Institute of Medicine's report, Hepatitis and Liver Cancer: A National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and C, and an announcement that Congress repealed the funding ban on needle exchanges. The spotlight is on two of CalHEP's steering committee members, Dr. Diana Sylvestre and Alan Franciscus for their ongoing advocacy efforts.